Life and Times of Bobby F

Life and Times of Bobby F

Day 7 (through Day 8!)

We began today on a local radio station KSL News Radio 102.7 hosted by Steve and Doug.

They were SO funny and complimented Kent on his smooth radio voice.  We hustled over to Slamdance for the final screening of Last Night.  

After, we ate lunch with our housemates, Alejandro, Will, and Roger and their friend from Emerson College. Around 6pm, we left for a special Sundance screening of the festival’s audience favorite.  It was called Mudbound and featured some great performances.  We ran back over to Slamdance for the closing night award ceremony where some excellent films were recognized for their work!

Oh and our day didn’t stop there!  Slamdance hosted a closing night party at the Wastach Brewery across the street.  We partied for the night and decided that it would be best to just stay up through the night since we didn't get back to the house til 3am to finish our packing before our 4am shuttle picks us up for our 6:30am flight.

Kent and I have blended our Day 7 on to our Day 8.  We’ve had on and off sleep on our three flights back to Austin.  Perhaps we'll both have more to say after a good night’s sleep! God bless Slamdance!

Day 6

This morning we watched Narrative Shorts Block 2, where we both loved the work by MP Cunningham and Henry Kaplan.  

This party was brought to you by Monster Energy.

This party was brought to you by Monster Energy.

Talk about Happy Hour?  This was a Happy Day!  Filmmakers had free drinks available from 2-4pm and 6-8pm.  Kent and I were glad we went to the early one because there we met the Canadian team who made the comedy feature Withdrawn.  This slice of life comedy was SO good and filled with memorable scenes.  

After that, we saw On The Sly: In Search for the Family Stone, an incredible documentary following the journey of one Sly and the Family Stone mega-fan in his quest to meet the frontman himself.  It was very emotional, and damn, did he put his heart into it!  

We are reaching the end of the festival and are looking forward to seeing what our last day has in store. 

Day 5

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Kent and I made sure to get downtown on the early side to catch Narrative Shorts Block #3.  While in line, I bought Slamdance Co-Founder Dan Mirvish's book, The Cheerful Subversive's Guide to Independent Filmmaking which I'm excited to start reading ASAP!  At the screening,  we loved Christopher Good's short starring Kentucker Audley called Brad Cuts Loose!

Kent ended up watching You Never Had It: An Evening With Bukowski while I got some much needed rest back at our lodging.  We ended our night hot tubbing and screening shorts by everyone that lives in the house.  We're starting the 1st Annual TimberWolf Film Fest.  Or HDMI Fest.  The title is in the works.  Talk about FUN!!!


Day 4

After several early mornings in a row, today we got some much needed rest.

It ended up being the best possible day to sleep in because it snowed SO much.  I think everyone chose to stay inside longer too.  We began our afternoon running to wi-fi so that I could access my online Archaeology course.  Meanwhile, Kent went to see What Lies Upstream which sounds like it was a very important documentary about how little access there is to clean drinking water in this world.  Worth checking out if you see it in theaters or online someday soon.  I saved seats for Kent and our friends to see Automatic at Sea, a dreamy film about a Swedish traveller.  The film featured an AMAZING performance by Breeda Wool, someone you may recognize if you watched Season One of UnReal.

Kent and I participated in an immersive gaming experience called Bad News.  It was particularly fun to do together because we both haven't stretched our improv muscles in quite sometime.  Shouts out to the hardworking, enthusiastic team that runs that system.  Such a FUN experience! 

We closed out the night with our friends at a party simply called "Canadian Party."  I believe the event was sponsored, because it was stocked!! So many drinks. And people!!

Day 3

Today was a day full of surprises!  

We started today by stopping by Pierce Law Group's panel where they shared advice on staying out of legal trouble in independent filmmaking.  Very important stuff!  Hey, you can't sell a movie without talking to a lawyer first!!

Later, we checked out the Digital, Interactive, Gaming exhibit at Slamdance. Some VERY fun stuff going on in the world of VR and I think Slamdance is a great opportunity to explore worlds you wouldn't normally see on the gaming market.  Kent really enjoyed (THREE² x 3P2:VR) by FLOAT.  Truly fascinating journey.

We have had a blast meeting filmmakers from across the globe. I watched the premiere of Kate Can't Swim, by Australian director Josh Helman and Kent watched the premiere of The Family, a 4 1/2 journey (!!!) exploring daily life with an elderly Chinese couple.  

I'm typing this as I wait for Kent to exit that screening.  Maybe we shouldn't have promised to cook our housemates dinner THIS night!  Here's hoping the Ubers and Lyfts surge pricing will come to a rest and we eat before the clock strikes midnight.  I don't know why I worded that like some Cinderella business is going on!!

Day 2

This morning in Park City was crazy!  The Women's March dominated traffic.  

Kent and I missed three buses because they were too full to pick us up.  We lucked out (big time) when a kind group heading to the March offered to give us and eight other stranded tourists a ride to Main Street.  Can't say I've ever hitchhiked (or that I ever will again!) but we are SO thankful to Andrea, Jessica, and Gabriel for their generosity.  

Despite the chaos, we made it to Treasure Mountain Inn on time for our early screening.  Last Night screened alongside some amazing short films!  

I snapped this photo of our new friends Alejandro, Will, Roger, and Ryan!  Alejandro's short Pedazos is remarkable.  He just so happens to be one of our roommates at the lodge we're staying at and you should check out his website here.

Later, we watched Bogalusa Charm, a documentary about a small Louisiana town created at the site of the world’s largest lumber mill.  The town is full of zany characters and reflects the kind of contemporary problems that a lot of Americans face.  Definitely worth a watch if you have the chance to see it someday!

We are heating up a frozen pizza tonight because food is as expensive as expected out here.  On a more 'reflective' note, I'm so grateful to be in this city during such a tumultuous time in America.  Artists coming together to tell stories that have the power to make you see life from a different perspective is truly phenomenal.  What a time to be alive... and making art!

Day 1

We flew from Austin to Dallas to Portland to Salt Lake City and took a shuttle to Park City and, bam, we're here!  

We were fortunate to not have any delays today, with the exception of me writing the wrong gate down at DFW making me and Kent have to run to our connecting flight right before departure :O An itinerary is useless if you wrote the information down WRONG!!

Only one error has been found.  I'm certain there are more.

Only one error has been found.  I'm certain there are more.

We shuttled to Park City using Park City Transportation and that service is AMAZING.  Not told to promote them... I'm just a happy customer!!

We are staying just north of downtown with some fellow Slamdancers and had luck using public transportation to and from Main Street.

We've only just met the Slamdance community and, boy, are we grateful to be here! Slamdance seeks to provide a more authentic representation of independent filmmaking, providing the opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers to connect with programmers, distributors, film lovers, and one another!!  And from what little we've seen of the festival so far, they are right on target!  On to Day 2!   

Getting Ready

Hello! Kent and I will be attending Slamdance Film Festival THIS Friday!  I made this blog because I want to have a place to write about our experience, share photos, and talk about the amazing movies on the lineup!  We could not have set out to attend this festival without the generous support of the Austin Film Society!  Thank you AFS!

Check back later this week for more posts and awaaaaay we go!!