Day 1

We flew from Austin to Dallas to Portland to Salt Lake City and took a shuttle to Park City and, bam, we're here!  

We were fortunate to not have any delays today, with the exception of me writing the wrong gate down at DFW making me and Kent have to run to our connecting flight right before departure :O An itinerary is useless if you wrote the information down WRONG!!

 Only one error has been found.  I'm certain there are more.

Only one error has been found.  I'm certain there are more.

We shuttled to Park City using Park City Transportation and that service is AMAZING.  Not told to promote them... I'm just a happy customer!!

We are staying just north of downtown with some fellow Slamdancers and had luck using public transportation to and from Main Street.

We've only just met the Slamdance community and, boy, are we grateful to be here! Slamdance seeks to provide a more authentic representation of independent filmmaking, providing the opportunity for up-and-coming filmmakers to connect with programmers, distributors, film lovers, and one another!!  And from what little we've seen of the festival so far, they are right on target!  On to Day 2!