Life and Times of Bobby F

Life and Times of Bobby F

Day 2

This morning in Park City was crazy!  The Women's March dominated traffic.  

Kent and I missed three buses because they were too full to pick us up.  We lucked out (big time) when a kind group heading to the March offered to give us and eight other stranded tourists a ride to Main Street.  Can't say I've ever hitchhiked (or that I ever will again!) but we are SO thankful to Andrea, Jessica, and Gabriel for their generosity.  

Despite the chaos, we made it to Treasure Mountain Inn on time for our early screening.  Last Night screened alongside some amazing short films!  

I snapped this photo of our new friends Alejandro, Will, Roger, and Ryan!  Alejandro's short Pedazos is remarkable.  He just so happens to be one of our roommates at the lodge we're staying at and you should check out his website here.

Later, we watched Bogalusa Charm, a documentary about a small Louisiana town created at the site of the world’s largest lumber mill.  The town is full of zany characters and reflects the kind of contemporary problems that a lot of Americans face.  Definitely worth a watch if you have the chance to see it someday!

We are heating up a frozen pizza tonight because food is as expensive as expected out here.  On a more 'reflective' note, I'm so grateful to be in this city during such a tumultuous time in America.  Artists coming together to tell stories that have the power to make you see life from a different perspective is truly phenomenal.  What a time to be alive... and making art!