Life and Times of Bobby F

Life and Times of Bobby F

Day 3

Today was a day full of surprises!  

We started today by stopping by Pierce Law Group's panel where they shared advice on staying out of legal trouble in independent filmmaking.  Very important stuff!  Hey, you can't sell a movie without talking to a lawyer first!!

Later, we checked out the Digital, Interactive, Gaming exhibit at Slamdance. Some VERY fun stuff going on in the world of VR and I think Slamdance is a great opportunity to explore worlds you wouldn't normally see on the gaming market.  Kent really enjoyed (THREE¬≤ x 3P2:VR) by FLOAT.  Truly fascinating journey.

We have had a blast meeting filmmakers from across the globe. I watched the premiere of Kate Can't Swim, by Australian director Josh Helman and Kent watched the premiere of The Family, a 4 1/2 journey (!!!) exploring daily life with an elderly Chinese couple.  

I'm typing this as I wait for Kent to exit that screening.  Maybe we shouldn't have promised to cook our housemates dinner THIS night!  Here's hoping the Ubers and Lyfts surge pricing will come to a rest and we eat before the clock strikes midnight.  I don't know why I worded that like some Cinderella business is going on!!