Life and Times of Bobby F

Life and Times of Bobby F

Day 7 (through Day 8!)

We began today on a local radio station KSL News Radio 102.7 hosted by Steve and Doug.

They were SO funny and complimented Kent on his smooth radio voice.  We hustled over to Slamdance for the final screening of Last Night.  

After, we ate lunch with our housemates, Alejandro, Will, and Roger and their friend from Emerson College. Around 6pm, we left for a special Sundance screening of the festival’s audience favorite.  It was called Mudbound and featured some great performances.  We ran back over to Slamdance for the closing night award ceremony where some excellent films were recognized for their work!

Oh and our day didn’t stop there!  Slamdance hosted a closing night party at the Wastach Brewery across the street.  We partied for the night and decided that it would be best to just stay up through the night since we didn't get back to the house til 3am to finish our packing before our 4am shuttle picks us up for our 6:30am flight.

Kent and I have blended our Day 7 on to our Day 8.  We’ve had on and off sleep on our three flights back to Austin.  Perhaps we'll both have more to say after a good night’s sleep! God bless Slamdance!